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An integrative approach to healing

“There is an Indian proverb that everyone is a house with four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual room. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete.”

                                                                                     -Rumer Goodin, Author

I started this whole idea of Whole House on a yoga mat in 2017. After experiencing a personal trauma, I needed my own hep. because as we know, thy healer does not heal thyself. I sought support from a trauma yogi to help me integrate and heal from my own personal trauma. Recognizing I needed my "whole house" to return to living a thriving life, I began to rethink the isolated approach of focusing on mental health in a silo, apart and away from the body. 

Shortly after this experience, I was chosen to provide clinical support to a community of firefighters who were experiencing difficulties following a line of duty death. Recognizing the stigma around mental health in such a male-dominated, hyper-masculine occupation, I chose to approach trauma from the way I felt would be most effective to this group: the body.  

Out of these personal and professional experiences, Whole House Counseling & Consultation was born. Recognizing the importance of fully connecting to ourselves and to others, Whole House works with each client to create a path to wellness. Our objective is to decrease suffering, increase knowledge, and build empathy and a skill set to engage with others. We can disconnect from aspects of our bodies, lives, and environment to cope and survive, whether it be mental health, addiction or simply day-to-day stress. 

To thrive, we acknowledge that the things we frequently avoid emotionally reside in the same place where healing and transformation occurs. 

Whole House is founded on the principle that all of the rooms of our individual “houses” get to be accessed and maintained to create holistic wellness. Applying emerging research around neuropsychology, physiology, and the biobehavioral,  Whole House takes behavioral health to the next level. Combining interventions such as mindfulness, integrative body therapies, evidence based interventions and psychoeducation, Whole House increases a client’s overall experience by providing more impactful services, creating more tangible results. These same interventions and research are the driving force behind the philosophy that make our trainings distinct and forward-thinking.

If we truly are, as individuals, a "house with four rooms," then if there is scarcity in one room, it impacts the others. Traditional Chinese Medicine is built on the concept of Ying and Yang; that ailments are the result of an imbalance; an underproduction in one area of our lives results in an overproduction in another area. So finding time in our lives to "air every room out," to visit each room, each day, is the first step on the journey of creating the wellness we all crave.

Cinnamon Reiheld has been working with communities and individuals for over 20 years and is a professional counselor, trainer, a life coach, and community educator. 

Cinnamon S. Reiheld, MA, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC, CCTP began working with trauma survivors in 1998 when she resettled war refugees from Eastern Europe in their new home of Washington D.C. Cinnamon holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters of Arts in Women’s Studies, receiving both graduate degrees from The Ohio State University. Cinnamon has taught courses at The Ohio State University and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. 


In the past twenty years, Cinnamon has had a variety of work experiences that afforded her the opportunity to develop areas of expertise and provide effective, results-driven services and education to individuals, groups, communities and organizations.


First Responder Work

Cinnamon specializes in providing behavioral health services to the first responder community. She serves fire, police and dispatch departments across Ohio and the Tristate area. She has been trained by New York's "bravest" in Psychological First-AidTF-CBT, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation-endorsed intervention of TF-CBT, certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional and is a trained reiki practitioner.  She has been recognized for her service by the International Association of Fire Fighters. She provides clinicial support to the IAFF Ohio Peer Team and is a member of the Southwest Ohio CISM team. 

For more about Cinnamon's first responder experience, read here

A Central Ohio native, Cinnamon resides in Miami Twp, Clermont Co. with her husband Ed, and their two dogs, Ani and Ben. When she's not at work or hanging out in fire houses, she enjoys refinishing and re-purposing furniture and coming up with great ideas for home projects that Ed can do. 

She met me where I was and taught me to "be still" and look at the world from a different perspective. 

I asked her to guide me towards my blind spots and she did, with a love and care I’ve never experienced.  That's her gift.   She never backed down in the hard moments."

- Rachel Bertner, Recovering Yoga, Owner/Trauma Yoga Expert

"Cinnamon is a gifted counselor with a unique ability to recognize and understand the dynamics we face while at work and home. While my mental health needs prompted the relationship I've formed with Cinnamon, I firmly believe if I had utilized her services prior to having a need, my quality of life would of been greatly improved. She has demonstrated a genuine care for the people she serves. The world would be a better place if each fire house had their own Cinnamon..."

- Lt. Ryan A. Patton, Bowling Green Fire Department

We don’t just let anyone in, and I feel safe in saying that she is “in” with us. I could feel her connecting with us as a department and as individuals from the beginning. And for her to take to us like she did is way more than I could have imagined. I would without a doubt choose Cinnamon again and again."

- Lt. Jason Callihan, Hamilton Fire Department

OAPFF District 4 Peer Support Coordinator

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