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I know it can feel like a big risk investing in counseling, if you’ve been in counseling before and didn’t quite get the results you were looking for, or if you’ve never been in counseling before and you have no idea what to expect, either way, you feel like there’s no guarantee.

I also know what you’re telling yourself, you don’t have the time, you don’t have the money, you could hire a counselor for less.

It’s true you could find a counselor for less, but your health and happiness are worth the investment.

Make time for your wellness now so that you don’t have to pay the price of illness in the long run.

I offer clients a streamlined experience including the ability to text directly with me about scheduling and other concerns, the option for convenient online scheduling, a secure online portal for payments and paperwork to ensure your sensitive information is protected, and remote counseling which makes it easier than ever before to get the support you deserve.

I take a different approach to counseling, focusing on cutting edge techniques based on brain science.

Because of my approach, expertise and experience you can be assured of quality of care you will receive with Brain Based Counseling & Consulting.

 Counseling & Consulation is private-pay and does not accept insurance.

As a private pay provider, we create maximum flexibility and privacy for our clients.

We’re able to focus on tailoring your care to your specific needs because there won’t be an insurance company dictating important aspects of therapy such as the length of our meetings or how frequently we’re able to meet.

As a courtesy to our valued customers, we will verify your out of network benefits and gladly submit claims on your behalf after each individual session.

It couldn’t be easier, you provide payment for your session upfront and receive reimbursement from your insurance company without a hassle.

**Please note, some insurance plans do not provide the option for out-of-network coverage, additionally some insurance providers may choose not to reimburse for online therapy**


What to expect:
  • A review of your intake paperwork as well as a full analysis and interpretation of any assessments or questionnaires.

  • A comprehensive clinical assessment that includes gathering important information about your current challenges and symptoms in addition to other information such as your background and family history that will allow us to tailor your care to your specific needs.

  • A collaborative and individualized treatment plan, where we work together to define your goals for treatment and create measurable goals and objectives.


What to expect:
  • It is a general recommendation that we meet weekly for a period of 4 weeks as we get to know each other better and establish our plan to address your specific concerns

  • Depending on the severity and complexity of your issues and concerns weekly or bi-weekly sessions are available

  • For clients receiving EMDR therapy weekly sessions are recommended and, in some cases, bi-weekly sessions may be an option

Cancellation Policy

At Whole House Counseling & Consultation we understand life can be unpredictable, that’s why clients providing 24 hours advanced notice of the need to cancel their appointment will not be charged a cancellation fee. Appointments canceled the same day will incur a cancelation fee of $100, and no-show appointments will be charged the full session fee.

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield



Medical Mutual

 we work to expand access to services through EAP programs through collaboration as an affiliate with EAP providers. We work with each client to transition to an ongoing relationship or provide an appropriate referrals outside Whole House.  


To contact TriHealth for a referral or authorization number, call (513) 891-1627 or toll free (800) 642-9794 or click here. 

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