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Finding Someone Who Gets It

It's difficult to find a therapist you connect with AND is culturally competent in fire and first responder services. No explaining your work here, just therapy.

police support
post traumatic stress



Treating Post-Traumatic Stress &
Work-Related Issues


Unique Counseling for a
Unique Relationship


Geography Doesn't Have to
Dictate Your Care

Many first responders voice that it's difficult to open up because many trained clinicians weren't trained for YOU. Our clinicians are knowledgeable in the culture and the day to day experiences of first responders and are trained specifically with you in mind. Whether the issue be work related or more personal in nature, having someone who gets the basics can change the trajectory of your experience.  First responders can utilize in-person traditional sessions as well as teletherapy (via secured video). 

First Responders and their spouses have unique struggles in addition to the every day challenges of marriage and family. Our clinicians support first responder families with quality care sensitive to your unique experiences.

Are you a spouse that just wants to understand more about what your first responder is experiencing, struggling with, or learn how to provide effective support? Meet with one of our clinicians to gain tools for yourself. 

Whole House provides the same level of culturally competent, quality care from a secured platform regardless of your zip code. Teletherapy takes place face to face using a computer from wherever you are in Ohio to our offices. The process for engagement is similar to standard in-office therapy; you schedule a session and are emailed a link to the HIPAA-secure video chat room. At the time of your appointment, you follow/click on the links, and you've arrived to your session! Your clinician will meet you in the "room" and therapy starts! 

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