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Whether you are new to therapy or this is "old hat,"
Whole House services will introduce you to care and interventions you have not experienced...
counseling services
Assessment &
Treatment Planning
Individual Therapy

With you Every Step of the Way

Find your Starting Point

Often when we are feeling just "not right" or not like ourselves, it's not only helpful, but imperative, to identify the problem and any similar themes throughout your life. At the first session of every client, Whole House provides comprehensive assessment services. This, in conjunction with treatment planning, focuses on collaboration between you and your clinician to get you where you want to be.

In therapy sessions, we'll work to address your current problems and any past issues contributing to holding you back. You will be able to "re-frame" your perspective to generate different responses. Using a "whole house" approach, we find the right tools and skills for you to carry with you in your day to day life. We also offer teletherapy.

Teletherapy takes place face to face using a computer from wherever you are in Ohio to our offices. The process for engagement is similar to standard in-office therapy; you schedule a session and are emailed a link to the HIPAA-secure video chat room. At the time of your appointment, you follow/click on the links, and you've arrived to your session! Your clinician will meet you in the "room" and therapy starts! 

Group Therapy

(Em)Powerment in Numbers

There is something powerful about getting people with similar experiences in a room to listen, share and support one another. Key issues for many seeking counseling are not feeling understood, like they’re alone in this, and isolation as a form of coping with their problems. The group experience combats all of that. In addition to a trained facilitator, you have the wisdom and strength of others who understand. We offer a variety of groups to meet our clients' needs.


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