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The following list includes our fees for services, including counseling and trainings. Please call your insurance carrier to verify your insurance coverage. These rates of service are based on self-pay only. Your insurance coverage may not be reflected here. Please check here for questions to ask your insurance carrier about your mental and behavioral health coverage. 


Please note your actual costs depend on insurance, co-pay and deductibles. Please contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and ask these questions.  As a courtesy, we verify your benefits, however, you are responsible for fees not covered by insurance.  


 Our trainings focus on the neuropsychology, physiology and bio-behavioral attributes of post-traumatic and continuous stress that speak to the true nature of traumatic exposure the resulting challenges individuals face.


Coaching sessions are offered in person, online, and by phone. Coaching services are self-pay unless insurance benefits are verified by client to cover non-clinical services.


Consulting Service rates are negotiated for each project. Rates are based on service hours or project size. Report fees are based on time outside of session.

Diagnostic/Initial Session: 

$250 per session

Individual Counseling: 

$200 per session

Individual Teletherapy:

$200 per session

Couples Counseling: 

$225 per session

Family Counseling: 

$225 per session

Group Counseling: 

A flat fee per group session and rates are dependent upon the group offered

Crisis/Critical Incident

or Emergent Response: 

$250 per hour

Please see Consulting & Report column for rates for legal or medical documentation. 

3 Day, 2-4 Hr TRSI Training: 

$1250 (Local)

3 Day, 2-4 Hr TRSI Training: 

$2400 (Over 60 mi)

1 Day, 6 Hr TRSI Training: 

$1400 (Flat Fee within 100 miles)

3 Day, 2-4 Hr Custom Training: 

$1700 (Local)

3 Day, 2-4 Hr Custom Training: 

$2850 (Over 60 mi)

1 Day, 6 Hr Custom Training: 

$2400 (Flat Fee within 100 miles)

Individual Coaching:

$125 per session (up to 60 min)

Packages offer you the ability to create a plan with your coach on a timeline, and receive discounted services. 


  • 4 Sessions: $475 (5% off)

  • 8 Sessions: $920 (8% off)

  • 10 Sessions: $1125 (10% off)

  • 12 Sessions: $1275 (15% off)

Basic Correspondence:  $100

  • One-page letter on behalf of a client. Does not include diagnostic information. 

Synopsis/Overview: $200

  • One page written synopsis including client history, treatment and prognosis.

Medical/Legal Report: $500

  • Document regarding client history, presenting symptoms, qualified diagnosis, assessments, treatment, results and condition analysis. This is a factual summary with no clinical opinion,


Medical/Legal Opinion Report $800

  • Summary of the report above, but may also include professional opinion of prognosis for therapy. Opinion may also include assessment of future care needs, and patient’s ability to function in the future, based on professional training and expertise.

Appointment Cancellation Policy*: 
You may find that you need to cancel an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. Please notify us as soon as possible so that we may offer the time to someone who may be waiting for an appointment. We ask that you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a fee for that appointment. The fee is $50, and may be subject to change with notice. 
*For policy related to cancellations of Trainings and Workshops, please see our Training Contract.
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