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For Individuals, Families, Businesses and Organizations...

Whole House expands its mission beyond the individual to serve the entire community.

Better mental health leads to overall individual and community wellness. Carrying the message of Whole House healing, we understand the path to wellness must have multiple entry points.

counseling services

Mental Health

Whether you are new to therapy or therapy is "old hat," Whole House services will introduce you to care and interventions you've not experienced...

police support

First Responders

It's difficult to find a therapist you connect with AND is culturally competent in fire and first responder services. No explaining your work here, just therapy.

PTSD coaching

PTG Coaching

We examine your present, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to build the life you want.

first responder workshops

Trainings & Workshops

 Whole House offers  dynamic and informative trainings that support people in becoming more informed in ways that strengthen their impact and reduce stigma around mental health. 

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Substance Abuse

Whether you think you have a problem or you are confident substance dependency is a real issue for you, or if using substances simply isn't serving you any longer, we can help.

Consulting Services

Looking to create change  or strengthen your organization or department? We offer unique services that are tailored to your goals and the needs of those you serve. 

Employee Assistance

Whole House offers comprehensive plans that include services offered by a traditional EAP plus the benefit of training, crisis intervention, and hand-on, personalized access.

Clinical Supervision

Whole House offers supervision to those seeking required clinical supervision hours. We provide a safe, supportive environment for those seeking opportunities to engage in critical reflection and learning.

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