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Cinnamon is a captivating trainer, using humor and metaphors to make niche-based language accessible and interesting for all.

She has years of experience in both classroom and training facilitation. Her goal for every participant in every training is to learn something new then actually put it to use.

She’s passionate about what she knows and loves what she does and it comes through in every training she provides.

Through her own training and experience with first responders, Cinnamon has developed a core TRSI© training that focuses on the neuropsychology, physiology and biobehavioral attributes of post-traumatic and continuous stress that speak to the true nature of traumatic exposure. Whole House provides comprehensive education while reducing the stigma to encourage those who need additional support to seek it out. If you are looking for information to submit to your department for approval, click here for a training synopsis.




  • 3 Day, 2-4 Hr TRSI© Training

  • 1 Day, 6 Hr TRSI© Training

  • 3 Day, 2-4 Hr Custom Trainings

  • 1 Day, 6 Hr Custom Trainings

  • TRSI© Training Series (2-4 Trainings Optional)

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